Dog Services in Wausau, WI.

Boarding requirements for kennel, suite & cat condos


All pets regardless of age must have record of current vaccines from a veterinarian at check-in.


Distemper(DHLPP), Rabies, Bordtella


Distemper(FVRCP), Rabies, Feline, Leukemia testing and immunization.


Please call ahead for all reservations to insure we have a room available for your pet. Make Holiday Reservations early, suites book fast.


Call in advance to cancel. When you don't cancel your reservation, our computer system puts a "No-Show" warning in your file. After 2 warnings all reservations must be pre-paid. When the facility has no vacancies, we may call to confirm your reservation to make room for pets on a waiting list. 


Boarding fees must be paid before pets are released. We accept cash, local personal check & travelers checks.
Sorry we do not accept credit/debit cards at this time.

Boarding Chargers

Boarding charges begin on day of arrival. Pets checked out after 10:00 am will also be charged for the day of departure.

What to Bring

We provide a raised bed for your pets comfort at no extra charge. Personal items may be brought from your home, treats and chews that you feed at home including unstuffed bedding or towels to give your dog or cat a "piece of home". Toys may also be brought along but please ensure that they are not too valuable as they can go "missing in action". Please label all items with your last name.

Red Woof Pet Resort  Rib Mountain Wausau, WI.

Meal Time

We provide a dry adult maintenance food. Canned wet food is also available. If you would like to bring your own food because of a special diet, canned food, or upset tummies from switching foods etc. we will be happy to feed it. Meals are served in the morning and late-afternoon with a lunch also available. Fresh water is available to the dogs at all times.There is no extra charge for feeding our food.

Special diets are not a problem as we have a fridge available at the resort. Please bring your own food in a labeled container with enough food for your pet's entire stay. Please inform us at check in of any dietary concerns you may have so we can make your pets stay as pleasant as possible with us. Our staff will inform you as to your pet's eating habits while staying here. We closely monitor your pet's food, water & elimination. We provide stainless bowls for all of our guests to insure a clean and sanitary eating environment.


Please have medications in clearly marked containers with pet's name and dosage amount on each item. Please do not put them in with your pet's food. Make sure liquid meds are in a spill-proof container with a tight closing lid. Medications are kept in a separate container for safety. We charge a minimal fee for administering medications cause we make sure they get their meds.

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